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Campus Life

DSI with its heritage has fortified numerous student lives to peaks of success within their years of graduate life. It has a scintillating atmosphere with lush greenery, bringing inspiration and new experience to learn. Culture, Art & Performances, sports & fitness blend with high academic education brings out the inner potential of the student to the maximum.

Getting Around & Campus Safety

Dayananda Sagar Institutions has built up a reputation of higher academic standards. All students shall be required to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the students of DSI, a institution of high reputation, within and outside the precincts of the institution.

Discipline in Campus:
  1. Students should follow the prescribed dress code by DSI while in the campus and also have to wear ID card issued by the College.
  2. Unsocial activities like ragging in any form shall not be permitted within or outside the precincts of the institution and the students found indulging in them shall be dealt with severely and dismissed from the institution.
  3. The following additional acts of omission and /or commission by the students within or outside the precincts of the college shall constitute gross violation of code of conduct which is punishable.
    • Lack of courtesy and decorum, as well as indecent behaviour.
    • Wilful damage of property of the Institution/Hostel or fellow students.
    • Possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic drinks or any kind of hallucinogenic drugs, smoking.
    • Mutilation or unauthorized possession of library material, like books.
    • Hacking in computer systems (such as entering into other persons’ area without prior permission, manipulation and/or damage of computer hardware and software or any other Cyber-crime etc.).
    • Use of Mobile in the college Academic area.
    • Unauthorized fund raising and promoting sales.
    • Any other considered by the college as of gross indiscipline.

In each case above, the punishment shall be based on the gravity of offence covering from reprimand, levy of fine, expulsion from Hostel, debar from examination, rustication for a period, to outright expulsions.

The reprimanding authority for an offence committed by students in the Hostels and in the Department or the class room shall be respectively, the Warden of the Hostels and the Head of concerned Department.

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  • Be a Part of Our Researches
  • Best Guides The Experts of their Subject
  • Best Placement Opportunities
  • Build Your Dreams At DSI
  • DSI Beyond National Boundaries
  • Graduation With Best Learning
  • Nurturing The Champions
  • Opportunities Beyond Expectations
  • Our Proud Launches
  • Prominents Visits to DSI
  • The Proud Moments At DSI